I’m a Photographer that specializes in Portrait/Headshot photography.  I also love shooting Outdoor/Landscape, Nature and Architectural photography.

I love God. I love my three beautiful daughters, Amanda, Kalani and Lauren. (that’s them below).
I love my Grandson Ayden. I love my friends.  I love family events. I love music and playing my guitars.  I can be quite a character at times. I don’t offend easily and can take a joke. I love nature, camping and the great outdoors, I’m an animal lover... especially my urban raccoon friends.  I love life. I love learning and I love photography.



For as long as I can remember I’ve loved photographing people.  From 2 day old newborn babies, to the elderly.  I started shooting professionally in my early 20’s as a contracted Newborn photographer for companies such as, Baby Photographers of America, California Baby Photographers, and Little Angels Inc. I specialized in newborn photography for approximately eleven years, and by the time my first daughter was born I had handled thousands of babies.

I absolutely love photographing kids.  Kids are the real deal! Their expressions are authentic and they conceal nothing from the camera. I’ve learned over the years not to approach a session with any pre-conceived ideas of what to expect—every session is a surprise!

My goal as a people photographer is simple!  It is to make pictures that capture the uniqueness of each individual.  To photograph them in the most flattering light possible. To continually improve my photography skills to create the best images possible for my clients.

I thank God every day for allowing me to do what I love.  I am grateful to every client that chooses me to capture their special moments, through my lens.


— John